Robo-Apocalypse is a top-down shooter.

You are the only robot survived and not affected by a virus. You have to kill all the other robots, otherwise they will kill you!

As a Robot, you have several skills, but to activate them, you have to collect the cards that the robots drop when they die and spend them in the shop!

Good Luck!


to move press "W/A/S/D" on your keyboard

to shot click your "LEFT MOUSE BUTTON"

to pause the game press "P"

to use the nuke press "E"


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Cover image taken from printerest. Creator: imgur

Updates V 1.01

- Bug fixed.

-added a tutorial.

-New interface in-game and in-store.

-Balance of the firerate and of the spawn of the card.

-New power added.

-added the reload and the munitions.

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